Game Show Presenter How-To Videos

3 Tips for Faster Testing and Rehearsal

Tutorial video

It only take two minutes to learn 3 tips that will save you lots of time when you are testing or rehearsing your game shows.

Single-answer questions (not multiple choice)

Tutorial video

Don't want multiple choice questions? This short video shows how to create questions with just one answer.

Setting Up Players and Teams

Players and Teams tutorial video

Walk through the latest method of setting up players and teams. This video includes how to use the new Team Scoring feature of GSP GOLD, in which you can have individual buzzers for each players but scores are kept by team.

"Final Round" feature in Categories game

Tutorial video

The optional "Final Round" lets players bid some or all their points on one final question.

Quizathon game tour (Quizathon is only in the GSP GOLD Level)

Get a full tour of the new Quizathon game with insights from the game's developer. Length is 9 minutes.

Big Daddy wireless buzzers working with Game Show Presenter

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