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Import Q&As from Spreadsheet?

If you have Game Show Presenter GOLD Level, you can import questions for your games from tab-delimited text files. And the easiest way to make those is using a spreadsheet to create the content, then export that as the tab-text file. Here's a tutorial that explains it all.

Quiz File Won't Open?

This article explains likely reasons and offers a method that may help you recover the file.

Registration Codes Won't Work?

Do you get an "Invalid Codes" error when entering your registration key into a Game Show Presenter product? Here's help: If your codes are for the GSP GOLD Level and you install the GSP Bronze Level (aka Classics), then you will get "Invalid codes" error when you try to register Bronze with Gold Level codes. The reverse is also true -- GSP Bronze codes don't work in GSP Gold. Solution? Make sure you download and install the exact product that goes with your registration codes. Download page. If this doesn't solve it, please contact us for support.

Screen Size / Layout Issue?

Game Show Presenter has a minimum screen size of 1024 x 768. If your screen is too small, you'll get a warning. Yet sometimes we get reports from people who have big enough screens, yet they still get that message. They also find buttons and other screen elements are overlapping or cropped. If that sounds like your issue, there is an easy solution shown here..

Mac "Frozen. Buttons Don't Respond"

Two users reported what seemed like their Macs had frozen at the Welcome screen. Clicking buttons on screen did nothing. It turned out both users had recently attached second screens. And a dialog box from GSP was opened on the screen across from the main screen and was waiting for a decision. The solution was just to click a button in that box. (Some message boxes require a response or decision before the program will continue, which might seem like the program is frozen. It is just waiting.)

Mac "Can't Be Opened" Message

Changes by Apple to the MacOS may cause a "Can't Be Opened" message to appear when you try to launch the program. Here's an easy fix.

Noisy Audio? Here's a fix.

A few people found when using an external audio file that it played with a lot of noise. In those cases, the audio file was saved with some less common settings. If that's happening to you, here's how to fix the noise. Open your .wav or .mp3 file in an audio editor. Then, re-export it with settings of 16-bit, 44100 Hz sample rate, mono. Then, use that audio file for your game.

Pictures, Music or Sounds Missing

If you have selected a sound file or picture file but it does not get used when you play the game, then the likely reason is the program can't find the file. This background may help you fix this:

The first time you add a media file (picture or sound) to a quiz game, the program creates a Media folder where copies of your media files will be stored. The name of that folder is based on the name of your quiz file. So if you gave your quiz file the name "Q2 Quiz" then the media folder will be "Media_Q2 Quiz". Normally, all that is automatic and works smoothly. However, a couple of things can go wrong, so let's explore those:

* Occasionally, the computer's OS will prevent GSP from creating the media folder. (Seems to happen more often on Macs, but it can happen on PC, too.) It's easy to check and fix this. Just use file explorer (or the Mac Finder) to go to your Documents folder and then open your Game Show Presenter folder there. Assuming your quiz was saved in that default location, you should see your quiz file there. And you should also see a "Media_your quiz file" folder there. If you don't see it, that's the problem! You can solve that by manually creating a new folder in the same directory where the quiz file exists, and use the naming scheme "Media_YOUR FILE NAME". Then put a copy of your media files into that folder. Now play the game and your media should appear. (If not, then quit and reopen Game Show Presenter and your quiz file so it can reconnect to the new media folder.)

* Another possibility... perhaps you have moved your quiz file to some other folder or machine, but you did not move the associated "Media_" folder. So when you play the game, the program cannot find the media files. In that case, just find your original "Media_" folder and copy it to the location where you now have the quiz file.

The thing to remember is that the quiz file and its associated media folder must be in the same directory in order to find each other.


Game Show Presenter Gold Recent Releases

goldThank you for making the new Game Show Presenter - Gold Level our top-selling presentation game! This software reflects many suggestions from our customers, making it our most advanced product in nearly 20 years of developing games for training and education.

Latest release:

9/3/2018 - WINDOWS: GSP GOLD 7.5 - Download for Windows - 7.5 contains the latest improvements and new features, plus recent bug fixes.

8/19/2018 - MACINTOSH GSP GOLD 7.5 - Download for Mac - 7.5 is the first GSP version to be a 64-bit program. This version raises the minimum install standards to MacOS 10.9.5 and the disk space to 60 MB. (If you recently upgraded your MacOS to "Mojave" and now you get warning messages that your Game Show Presenter program is 32-bit, this is the version you need.)

If you have questions or concerns, here are all the ways to reach us at Bodine Training Games LLC.

Gold Level Release History

    Previous releases:
  • Version 7.4.3 -- 5/10/18- Mac only version to be compatible with MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and higher. (This version fixes a bug that caused a crash when selecting a custom color in Mac 10.13.)
  • Version 7.4.2 - 3/18/2018 - Fixed and improved the LINK formatting button in the quiz editor. (Now you can add a link to web videos and resources in your quiz questions.) And, the option to select the number of guesses per question is expanded to a maximum of 10 guesses. Also, other minor fixes and tweaks included.
  • Version 7.4 - 2/21/2018 - Many improvements, some new features and 18 bug fixes and tweaks. Features include support for individual buzzers among team players and streamlined quiz editor with new navigation buttons.
  • Version 7.3.x - 3/7/2017 - Maintenance releases fixed various issues.
  • Version 7.2 - 10/28/2016 - Maintenance release fixes issues with using multiple paragraphs or blank lines of space in question text.
  • Version 7.1 - 8/30/2016 - Added all new Quizathon game and many other improvements.
  • Version 7.0.3 - 3/11/2016 - Maintenance release fixes issues with pasting text from Word and various cosmetic and other improvements.
  • Version 7.0.2 - 2/17/2016 - Maintenance release fixes an issue and adds improvements for second screen display and host control via second screen.
  • Version 7.0 - 2/8/2016 - The first release of the Gold Level of Game Show Presenter. (Why, you may wonder, did the first release numbering start with 7? Because this is the 7th generation of the Game Show Presenter product line, which began in 2000.)

Bronze (Classics) Release History

Latest Release:

Top Reasons to
Upgrade to Gold:

  1. More Players than Bronze
  2. Advanced Buzzer Features
  3. Customize Logos and Colors
  4. Use Any Language
  5. Use a Second Screen
  6. Bonus game: Quizathon!
Upgrade Info.

BronzeTo update to the latest version of the Bronze Game Show Presenter (aka the Classics Edition), download with links below. Then, install it on top of the version you have. (Not sure of your version? Start the program and click the "About" button at the bottom of the welcome screen.)

    Previous releases:
  • Version 1.4 - 12/16/2015 - Windows only maintenance update fixes several issues and adds a timer feature to the main title screen. This version is also relabeled as the Bronze Level of Game Show Presenter.
  • Version 1.3.5 - 1/25/2015 - Windows only maintenance update improves stability.
  • Version 1.3.4 - 11/7/2014 - Minor update fixes a problem with copy-to-USB drive feature.
  • Version 1.3.3 - 8/25/2014 - Mac and Windows minor update fixes a printing bug and adds more sample game files.
  • Version 1.3.2 - 5/19/2014 - Improves the registration process.
  • Version 1.3.1 - 4/29/2014 - Mac and Windows minor update fixes a printing problem and adds a splash screen animation.
  • Version 1.3 - 3/16/2014 - Mac and Windows version with more than a dozen improvements:
    • Support for Macintosh 10.6 and higher
    • Automatic full screen mode when you PLAY your show
    • More than a dozen improvements to the games
    • Fixed a problem when printing quiz questions and other minor bugs
    • Now supports up to 6 rounds of play per game file
  • Version 1.2 - 1/15/2014 - Two important changes:
    • Fixed a problem with the question preview screen sometimes being blank for "Who Wants to Know" questions
    • Fixed a conflict in "Team Showdown" game between some buzzers and the reveal of some answers with number keys. (Click the cover of an answer to reveal that answer.)
  • Version 1.1 - 12/28/2013 - Minor improvements and fixed a problem with "Demo Show" message in "Categories" game.
  • Version 1.0 - 12/20/2013 - First release of the Game Show Presenter Classics edition!

Older Products

Trainers, educators and event entertainers have been using various Game Show Presenter brand products since 2000. The product line has evolved a lot through the years. The info above refers to the currently available Game Show Presenter products. For customers who have older, discontinued versions, such as the Game Show PLUS, you can get upgrade info. here and you can find information about some retired versions here.

If you have questions or concerns, here are all the ways to reach us at Bodine Training Games LLC.