Support - Help for quiz file will not open


You tell Game Show Presenter to open an existing file and choose a quiz file, but nothing happens. (Or you may get an Execution Error message that mentions a "fileOpen" error.)

Unfortunately, this situation could mean the file was corrupted during its last use. The most common reason a file could become corrupt is that something interrupted or slowed down a Save operation. (See suggestions below to avoid that.)

What to do?

Below is a method that may lead you to a recoverable backup file, as well as some tips to avoid this issue in the future.

Take a look in the folder(s) where the problem file was before, and see if there is a file there of the same name that has an extension of .gspp~. For example, if your file was trivia.gspp, look for a file name of trivia.gspp~. (Ignore the file icons -- it is the file extension that matters here.)

If you find such a ~file, what you have is a backup file that the program made during a save operation that went bad. To use the backup file, here's what you do...

1) Change the name of the found file to something like "backup trivia.gspp". Notice that I DROPPED THE ~ when I renamed the file. Now, it should be a valid GSP quiz file.

2) Open GSP, click to open an existing file and choose your renamed backup file. This simple approach may work to open the game file as it was before the last save.

How to avoid this problem in the future:

Here are a few things that can introduce delays in the save process and cause a file to become corrupt:

  • Using a quiz file that is on a shared drive or network/cloud service like icloud or google drive.
  • Using a quiz file that is hosted in a dropbox folder/drive
  • Changing the name or location of a GSP file from the operating system while the file is in use by GSP.
  • Running GSP when it resides on a shared drive, cloud/network drive, or dropbox folder.
  • Background operations that make heavy use of storage, such as file scans, backups or updates, could introduce interruptions or delays, especially when GSP or the quiz file is stored on an external device or service.

Deeper details:

The tilda (~) file is a temporary backup that is created at the start of a save operation and then is automatically deleted when the save operation is complete. If something interrupts the save, the tilda file may still exist, and that is why you can use it to recover your quiz file as it was just before the last save operation. Just know that the .gspp~ file cannot be opened by Game Show Presenter UNTIL you remove the "~" from the file extension name.

If you have the GSP Bronze, not the GOLD version, does this still work? If you find a tilda file with a .gspc~ extension, then, yes, the same method should work. Rename the tilda file and drop off the tilda. Open GSP Bronze. Click to open an existing file and choose the file you just renamed. With some luck, that will recover your file.