Frequently Asked Questions

What is Game Show Presenter?

Game Show Presenter is the umbrella name for several products that share the same concept — to make training, learning and presentations fun by showing your questions and answers in the form of an engaging, tv-style quiz show. Teachers, trainers and others have found this to be a fun and effective way to present or review information. The Game Show Presenter product line starts with the Bronze Level, a great value with three games at one low price. The Gold Level also has three games, but adds the most advanced features and options we've ever offered in 16 years of creating game show software.

What kind of computer do I need to use this?

A Windows or Macintosh computer will do. For the Mac, it needs to have OSX 10.6 or higher. For Windows, XP on up to Windows 10 will do. If you aren't sure, we have a free trial version you can download and try out on your machine.

What kind of questions can I make with this?

It's flexible, so you can make multiple-choice questions with 2 to 5 answers, or you can make hidden-answer questions that just have one correct answer that stays hidden until you reveal it. These are also called single-answer questions and this video shows how to create and use them. If you like having the answer come first and the player must figure out the question, you can do that too, as a hidden-answer question.

How does this work with a group of people?

The usual way is you hook up your computer to a projector or big monitor and everyone watches that screen to see the questions and play the game. For a smaller group, you could hook up to a TV monitor or just use your computer screen.

How many people can play these games?

If you form teams instead of individual players, then the games can have a lot of people involved. So keep that in mind. But there is a limit to how many separate scores for players or teams that each game can track. Here's the scoop:

  • Team Showdown game - Two teams per round. A single quiz file can have up to five rounds -- think of that as 5 different game boards. And you can set the game to let you change the team names between rounds. So if you wanted to eliminate one team at each round and bring up a new team to play the winner, you could easily do that.
  • Categories game - In the Bronze Level, 6 is the maximum number of player/team scores that can be tracked. The Gold Level has a higher maximum of 10 player/team scores as well as more advanced buzz-in control options.
  • Quizathon game (in Gold Level only) - This quiz game can be played by 1 to 10 players/teams. This game has supports three modes of play: buzz in, players take turns or cooperative (everyone is one a single team).
  • Who Wants to Know game - This game has just one player/team per round. You can have up to 15 questions in that round. If the player gets any question wrong, the round is over. As with the other games, you can change out the names of players between rounds to get more people involved. And you can also challenge groups of people to be a "collective mind" playing the game. In that scenario, you let the group collaborate and come up with their answer to each question.

How do people answer the questions?

Verbally. They tell you their answer, and you press the key on the computer that fits their answer.

For a multiple choice question, if the player says "B" is the answer, you press the "B" key. The game will know if that's right or wrong and adjust the score, etc. If the question is a "hidden answer" style that has a single answer instead of multiple choices, then you listen to the answer given and decided if that is right or wrong. For a right answer, you press the "r" key and the player gets the points. For a wrong answer, you press the "w" key.

Buzzers... do I need them? What do they cost?

Game show-style buzzers add a lot to the fun and atmosphere to the game, plus they spare you from the task of deciding who was first to respond to a question. So they are fun and useful, but not required in order to use our quiz show software.

Here's the secret about most game show buzzers -- they act just like your computer keyboard. If I am player #1, then when I press my buzzer button it literally types out a "1" that it sends to the computer. (That's not true of EVERY buzzer system out there, but it is true of the ones that are compatible with our software.) It's brilliantly simple... The game show sees that "1" and responds accordingly. So if you don't have buzzers, you can just press the number keys to run your game show with our software. The tricky thing is knowing which of your player is the first to respond. Maybe they raised their hands or shouted out at the same time. Tough call for you. But with buzzers, the first response is determined by the system so you don't have to.

What do we recommend, buzzer-wise? That depends on your situation, so let's look at some typical ones:

  • You want buzzers! Then it's just a matter of choosing. Wired or wireless? Expect wireless to cost more, though the cost of that has come down in recent years. Affordable Buzzers is a popular vendor that offers both types. When we last checked, that company had a 10-player wired system for $199. The same company had wireless buzzers for $49 per buzzer, and for a Team Showdown game you just need two buzzers, so not bad!
  • If you are just testing the software with the trial version, then just use the number keys to simulate buzzers. (You can always add buzzers later.)
  • You have no budget for buzzers. OK, time to get creative! Think of buzzing-in as a race and you are the camera at the finish line that needs to capture which racer crossed the line first. Raising hands doesn't work too well. One clever customer of ours used ping pong balls with the team/player number written on each ball. Each team got a handful of balls with their number on it. In order to buzz in, they had to toss one of their balls into a basket. In the event of a tie, the host just reached in and pulled out one ball like a random drawing.
  • You are handy with tools and want to build your own Cool! Here's some inspiration and ideas for you at our DIY page.

Can I have questions that are not multiple choice? I want to have just one answer and that answer should stay hidden until someone gets it right.

Yes, it's easy to do that! This short video shows you how to make and use a single-answer question in the Categories game.

Can I put the program on a USB drive so I can take it around campus to various computers I use?

Yes, the program includes a button to help you copy the games and program to your USB drive memory stick. We have many customers who use this capability. Just be aware that the various computers you use need to be of the same type... so all Windows or all Macs, but not a mix of Windows and Macs. Also note that to open your quiz files, you need to first open the Game Show Presenter program on your flash drive. Then click your game type and choose to Open Existing file. Use that method instead of double-clicking your quiz file, because when using the program on a USB the double-click method is not likely to work.

Can one copy of the program load quiz show presentations for different classes, or is each copy of the program limited to one set of questions?

One copy of Game Show Presenter can create as many quiz files as you want. And each quiz file contains different questions and is saved under a different name. This makes it very easy to build a collection of game files for your various needs that you can re-use without any further setup.

Where is that animated game show host? Where is Al Morale? I don't see him in the Bronze or Gold Level products.

In the Bronze and Gold Levels of Game Show Presenter, you are the game show host. There is no animated host. (Al Morale was the animated host in the original Game Show Presenter, but he is not available in the newer products since the majority of customers wanted to be the game host themselves.)

Is Game Show Presenter like the 80s game "Mr. Game Show"?

They are both fun, but that's where the similarities end. Game Show Presenter is software used by people who want to host a game show that uses their own questions and answers. Entertainers, trainers, teachers and presenters use it to inform or entertain. Anyone who has ever imagined themselves in the role of game show host or event emcee would find Game Show Presenter makes that dream attainable.

Sales questions:

The software license says it is for one user. How do you define a "user"?

The 1-user license means one person who creates the games and presents them to a class or audience. The people in the class or audience don't need any licenses because they are not actually using the software... they are playing the game by watching it and interacting with the one user who is controlling the game software on the computer.

Is the cost for a subscription or a perpetual license? How often do you charge me?

We are selling a perpetual license, not a subscription. That means the license fee is a one-time charge. The software you download is yours to use for as long as you want. You also get free upgrades on that product for one year. After a year, when your free upgrade privilege runs out, you have the option to upgrade to the latest version for a reasonable fee.

I placed an order, but I have not received an email response.

Normally, an order gets a prompt response, so if it's been more than 30 minutes or so, check your junk folders. You should get two emails -- one is your receipt and the other has your download and registration information. If you still don't see those, please contact us (see the footer of this page).

Are there quantity discounts?

Yes, starting with 2 copies the price per copy is lowered. But the discount only apply to the number of copies you are buying at that time. Quantity discounts are not based on prior or future orders. To see the discount amounts, go to the order page for the product you are interested in purchasing.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we accept POs with a few conditions: The purchasing organization must be in the US or Canada. The payment must be made in US dollars. And, there is a minimum order amount of $99.00 on POs. Contact us in advance for a price quote. You can send your PO by US Mail or email. Our contact info. is in the footer of this page.

Is there a mobile version for iOS or Android?

Not yet...

Do you make custom games?

Sometimes, we do! If you have a special project that goes beyond what our current games can do, you can contact us (see below) to discuss the possibilities.

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