Gold Level

New Gold Level Packed with Extras!

You've discovered Game Show Presenter Gold! This is our bestseller and the most advanced product we've produced in our 19 years of making fun review games for trainers, presenters and educators. This page has all the details.

Presentation games screen

What's New:

    New capabilities and features of Game Show Presenter Gold Level include:
  1. More Games! Quizathon is a new, fast-paced quiz game only in the Gold Level.
  2. More Players! Quizathon and Categories games support up to 10 players or teams.
  3. Host Helper features such as Host Controls on a second screen
  4. Customize the Games: Language, colors, game logo
  5. More Options for Questions & Answers
  6. Advanced controls for managing buzzers and players' behavior

Host Helpers

    Hosting your game show with Gold Level provides these great tools:
  • Open a second screen showing Host Control window
  • Host Control window lets you control show and preview correct answers during the game!
  • Example of what the host sees when using the new Host Control window
    This shows the Host Control view on a second screen. Note that the host can preview which answer is correct (green box) and has buttons for essential commands. It also provides game status updates and hosting advice in the two yellow boxes.
  • For those with multiple screens, choose which screen presents the audience view.
  • Advanced buzz-in controls in Categories and Quizathon games are shown in the screenshot below.
Advanced buzzer controls screenshot


    Gold Level has greatly expanded options to customize your games: Gold Level's customizer screen
  • Place your logo on the game screen.
  • Colorize the game screen. Great for matching company or school color themes, or holiday-themed quizzes. EXAMPLE
  • Use any* language for your quiz text!
  • You can translate the game's on-screen text into any* language! Example: Change "Correct" to ├Áige

* Someone out there will find an exception... maybe Klingon or ancient Sumerian won't work. But thanks to support for Unicode in Game Show Presenter GOLD, you should be able to type in content for virtually all modern languages. (Thanks to our worldwide testers for their help in testing this feature!)

Expanded Options for Questions & Answers

    New media and display choices for your quiz questions:
  • More text formatting options.
  • Gold Level supports putting a sound file (mp3, wav) in your question. - You can even choose whether the sound file plays immediately or waits for your click when the question appears.
  • Additional Information screen is optional on all questions in the Gold Level.
  • Whether you are producing technical training or entertaining trivia games, having an extra screen of information is enlightening and fun. This screen appears after the correct answer has been revealed.
  • Links within question text Use the LINK formatting button to add a link in the text of your question. You can link to web urls, such as videos, and when you click those links during a game, your browser will open to that url. You can then return to the game by closing the browser.

Even More Gold Level Features

  • Up to 12 rounds of play in each game file. (That's double the limit of Bronze level.)
  • 10 players or teams per game in Categories - Supports buzz-in and score keeping for up to 10 players... the Bronze level limit is 6 players.
  • In a Categories game, you can make an optional "Final Round" in which players can risk some or all their points on a final question.

Gold Level

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  • Game Show Presenter GOLD for Windows or Macintosh desktops and laptops (not tablets)
  • Watch demo video

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