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Bronze * Gold  
Price (US $)* $49 $99  
Team Showdown game  
Who Wants to Know? game  
Categories game  
     Option for final round where players risk points on final question    
     Hidden bonus question option    
Extensive online software manual    
Built in sound effects and music  
     Customize the music in the show    
Automatic score keeping  
Max. number of Players/Teams 6 * 10  
Supports virtually all languages    
Quiz Editor to make game questions  
Customize logo of game screen    
Customize colors of game screen    
Host Controls in Separate Window    
Buzzer support Basic* Advanced*  
Max. Number of rounds 6 12  
Customize Title Screen ✔, including colors  
Optional "Extra Info." after Questions    
Add sound files to questions    
Import and Export quiz text into/out of games    

* Details and Descriptions

Bronze Level
This entry-level version of Game Show Presenter has three basic training games in one program. (The Bronze Level is also known as the Classics Edition.)
Gold Level
Our newest and best-selling program, GOLD Level combines the best of our past products into our most advanced game show presentation tool. It has four game formats and many more features.
Our license is not an annual subscription. You pay once and use the program over and over. The prices shown above are the 1-user price, meaning one license for one person. If that person needs to use the program on more than one computer, that is covered.
Max. Number of Players/Teams
* The maximum number of players depends on which of the game formats you use. The Categories game will track scores for up to six players/teams at the Bronze Level, and up to 10 in the Gold Level. The Team Showdown game tracks scores for two teams. Who Wants to Know? game keeps score for one person or team per round, but you can have up to six rounds and change the player between rounds.
Buzzer Support - Buzzers are sold separately by various vendors.
* Basic - Supports buzzers that communicate via number keys to determine who buzzed in first. Bronze level has no buzzer delay or penalty options.
* Advanced - Supports buzzers that communicate via number keys to determine who buzzed in first. Advanced options include a delay period before buzzers are activated to ensure there is time to read the question before players can buzz in. Also, optional 2-second penalty for buzzing in during the delay period. Gold Level buzzer support also has virtual umpire setting to increase participation.