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Sleepy? Unmotivated? Bored? You're not alone. Just keep your eyes open long enough to look around... the struggle to pay attention is all around you in classes, meetings and presentations.

And what if you're the speaker, teacher or trainer hosting this slumber party? Is it even possible to keep people focused and motivated when mind-numbing topics meet short attention spans? Well, happy news! It's not just possible, it's easy!

Our business since 2000 is making games that make it fun to pay attention. How? By providing software games for trainers, teachers and presenters that they can easily customize to make dry subject matter into fun and challenging learning games.

Thousands of educators, trainers and presenters use our programs for an amazing range of subjects and situations... from dry policy reviews to annual safety training to classroom exam preparation.

The Game Show Presenter brand was created by Bodine Training Games LLC with this one goal in mind -- make it fun to pay attention. See our programs at or click the pic below for a 3-minute video tour:

video of games you can customize for meetings and classes