Categories quiz game

1. Categories

Your categories and questions are wrapped in this interactive quiz game for individual players or teams. The board size is flexible, so you decide how many questions and categories are in the game. All these games come with interactive help cues so you know what to do at each step of the game.

Team Showdown game

2. Team Showdown

Two teams compete to find all the answers under your questions or topics. Your game board can have up to 12 possible answers. And you decide how many points each answer is worth. This game is great for reinforcing details and building teamwork! And it's a great energizer for your class or meeting.

Who Wants to Know quiz

3. Who Wants to Know?

Arrange your questions in increasing difficulty like a TV game show. Can your player or team make it to the top? The flexible design of this game lets you put either points or recognition phrases as the value of each question. For example, use "Genius Level" instead of "1,000,000" as the top level.

How Does It Work?

These games enable trainers, teachers and presenters to make ANY subject into an engaging activity because the games make it fun to pay attention. With Game Show Presenter, your review questions become the focus of an interactive quiz game that motivates learning. You can turn a dry review into a fun, stimulating challenge that is its own reward for paying attention. It's a great group game for orientations, meetings, class reviews, and to make sure your presentation points are remembered.

Presentation Games App

What Results Can You Get with Training and Classroom Games?

To sum up hundreds of testimonials from trainers and educators who use Game Show Presenter in their classes, meetings and presentations, they got these results:

 Greater participation  Improved test performance   Higher morale
 Increased retention   Better feedback & evaluations  Stronger focus on subject matter

Improve Your Results for as Little as $49!

  • New! You now have a choice of two great levels of Game Show Presenter.

  • The $49 Bronze Level, formerly named Classics, is our best value for learning games.

  • The new Gold Level raises the bar with our most advanced game show software yet.

  • The Gold Level Game Show Presenter is designed for presentation pros.

  • Either way, you get the three most popular formats for learning, training and group activity games.

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Easy to setup and use

    Make your own game shows on any topic
    Using our presentation games:

  • 3 games in one program that are popular with trainers, teachers and event planners. (GOLD version has a bonus 4th game!)
  • Easily add your own questions and answers.
  • Built-in coaching gets you started fast.
  • Customize the game show title screen to fit your event.
  • Save your game files for repeat use. Build a collection!
  • Music, sound effects and score tracking are built in.
  • Add a picture to any question.
  • Works with or without number key buzzers.
  • Even more advanced features in the Gold Level version

Game Show Presenter helps you make...

  • Exam preparation that's fun
  • Classroom games and reviews
  • Orientation games for staff, students or volunteers
  • Group onboarding activity
  • Engage adult learners
  • Meeting ice-breaker games
  • Safety training games
  • Public education presentation games
  • Wake up a sleepy audience
  • Compliance training
  • Sales meetings
  • Motivate a presentation audience
  • Reviews of HR Policy and workplace rules
  • Leadership exercises
  • Cross-generational cooperation activity
  • Exhibit booth game show attractions
  • Presentation review activities
  • Engage bored students
  • Company parties and events
  • Turn lectures into interactive games
  • Trivia night event
  • Fun training for volunteers
  • Teacher in-service training
  • Quiz bowl team practice and events

  • How to Make Your Compliance Training Fun!

    Don't let a dry topic pull everybody down. Our challenging games will boost engagement of your review material. Motivate people to pay attention in your 2020 trainings and meetings by using Game Show Presenter. It's the tool that rewards people's attention with fun. It works and it's easy to use. Make it fun to pay attention in your next training session.

    What our customers say...

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    "Our party was a hit, especially the Feud-style Game (Team Showdown)."Bruce B. - Office manager

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    What trainers say... What educators say...

    Trainees love training games instead of powerpoints